Brian’s Service is a full service landscape and lawn company.  Our Supply Yard in Chelsea services our crews.

If you are interested in having us handle your entire project please fill out a Request a Quote form and we will be in touch!

Our new location was constructed between September 2020 and June 2021.  A large portion of the work was completed by Brian's Service.

Brian’s Service is primarily a landscape installation and lawn maintenance contractor.

We incorporate numerous materials in our projects to meet individual customer’s landscaping needs.

We stock commonly-used supplies at our supply yard like these:

Brown Mulch

Colored wood chips will hold their color longer than undyed products.


Pea Gravel

A round natural stone with varying colors about the size of peas.

1/2" - 3/4" Crushed Natural

Natural stones that have been crushed to about the size of a quarter. Ideal for walking paths, flower beds, or even driveways.

Miniature Egg Rock

Excellent for drainage applications as well as flower beds. It is similar to Egg Rock but the stones are about 1" across.

Egg Rock

Stones about the size of eggs are excellent for flower beds. Heavier stones are known to stay in their place.

6-12" Michigan Boulders

Natural Michigan boulders of varying colors.

18-24" Michigan Boulders

Natural Michigan boulders of varying colors.

Selected Large Boulders
These are centerpeice rocks.

21AA Limestone Gravel

A very compactable crushed limestone product. Fine material in the product allows it to 'lock together' very well with compaction.

Clean Limestone Fines

Typically used for a top base material for pavers and other hardscape work.