Doing the job yourself?  We can bring you the materials you need.  Please call 734 660 0272 Ext. 4

Deliveries are scheduled for Monday-Friday.  At this time we do not offer pickups at our yard.

Our new location was constructed between September 2020 and June 2021.  A large portion of the work was completed by Brian's Service.

Brian’s Service is primarily a landscape installation and lawn maintenance contractor.

We incorporate numerous materials in our projects to meet individual customer’s landscaping needs.

We stock commonly-used supplies at our supply yard like these:

** All price are plus 6% Michigan Sales Tax.  Delivery ranges from $60-100 depending upon location.  3 YD minimum order size.

Brown Mulch
$37.50 per Cubic Yard


$28 per Cubic Yard

Pea Gravel
$35.90 per Cubic Yard

A round natural stone with varying colors about the size of peas.

1/2" - 3/4" Crushed Natural
$44 per Cubic Yard

Natural stones that have been crushed to about the size of a quarter. Ideal for walking paths, flower beds, or even driveways.

Miniature Egg Rock
$35.90 per Cubic Yard

Excellent for drainage applications as well as flower beds. It is similar to Egg Rock but the stones are about 1" across.

Egg Rock
$49.90 per Cubic Yard

Stones about the size of eggs are excellent for flower beds. Heavier stones are known to stay in their place.

6-12" Michigan Boulders
$130 per Cubic Yard

Natural Michigan boulders of varying colors.

18-24" Michigan Boulders
$135 per Cubic Yard

Natural Michigan boulders of varying colors.

Selected Large Boulders

Priced and sold per stone. These are centerpeice rocks.

21AA Limestone Gravel
$35.9 per Cubic Yard

A very compactable crushed limestone product. Fine material in the product allows it to 'lock together' very well with compaction.

Clean Limestone Fines
$35 per Cubic Yard

Typically used for a top base material for pavers and other hardscape work.